We are fairly open to recruitment. Anyone with the time and gear in the guild may ask to be promoted to Junior Raider and given a fair shot at raiding (note: space and your gear permitting). Promotion to raider or demotion to casual can follow depending on preformance.
Raid progress
Blackrock Foundry
10/10 Normal
10/10 Heroic - Clear
0/10 Mythic

7/7 Normal - Cleared
7/7 Heroic - Cleared
1/7 Mythic

Siege of Orgimmar
14/14 - Cleared
14/14 Heroic - Cleared
14/14 Mythic - Cleared
Throne of Thunder
12/12 - Cleared
11/13 Heroic
Terrace of everlasting Spring
4/4 - Cleared
4/4 Heroic - Cleared
Heart of Fear
6/6 - Cleared
6/6 Heroic - Cleared
Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 - Cleared
6/6 Heroic - Cleared
Welcome to eXodus
We are a friendly guild, mainly raiding heroic in Draenor for its own sake. We might soon try out Mythic but right now, heroic blackrock and highmaul is where we are at.

We currently raid 7-11 on wednesday, thursday and sunday.
Heroic Blackhand

Sun Mar 29 2015, 23:41 by Khan

On the final FINAL try of the Final day of the week. We.... FINALLY won. And Blackhand paid the final price.
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World of Logs

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Normal Blackhand first kill

Mon Feb 16 2015, 02:37 by Eiku

We had our revenge on blackhand today from Vindicator Maraad.
Gz team.

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Mythic First Kill

Thu Jan 22 2015, 00:25 by Khan

Kargath Bladefist, returns for a rematch, since we skipped out in Tanaan.
Very exciting and well executed in the end boss. He raged, but we kept going. Gz to the team. Gz to the guild !

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Normal Highmaul CLEARED

Thu Jan 22 2015, 00:12 by Khan

The ancient Gorean Empire, unquestioned lords of Draenor for millennia and forced ally to the Iron horde have been brought low. The arcane might of the Goreans were taken from the buried artifacts of (presumably) the titans that the Ogres found and hoarded.
While powerful, the Iron Horde grew so fast and so powerful, the Ogre empire found themselves with a choice: Ally with the Iron Horde, or be …

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First Draenor Raid

Wed Jan 21 2015, 23:55 by Khan

In the cold fields of Frostfire Ridge, the first raid of eXodus in Draenor was made. A huge wolf had been sighted and much fishing was done. Much dying but in the end the monster was farmed properly.

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The Rise of Warlords

Tue Oct 28 2014, 01:10 by Khan

The Warlord known as Garrosh the Detestable have been slain. eXodus is now ready as a guild for the Warlords on Draenor.

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Fri Apr 11 2014, 13:57 by Khan

The ecological disaster in Pandaria known as the "Garrosh scandal" progresses. We previously reported that the corrupted elemental known as Immersius had been cleansed of filth. This, according to local expert Lorewalker Cho, will let the valley of eternal spring recover in time.
This just in :
A group of volonteers have recently managed to exorcise three malevolent spirits that …

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Dances in puddles, a Costner tale

Thu Apr 03 2014, 23:42 by Khan

Equipping the big boy boots of watery protection and the cleansing staff of the New York Police Department, eXodus gave a proper beatdown on heroic Immerseus.
- eXodus, curing the pollution in Azeroth by violence.. only way we know how.

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A Tyrant is thrown down

Wed Dec 11 2013, 23:13 by Khan

Garrosh Hellscream, wanted criminal and usurper of the Warchief title, have been apprehended in a stunning firefight deep below Orgimmar in the den of the beast.
Hopefully this will be the last of this murderous bastard, as his execution is expected to be both swift (in verdict) and slow (in... execution).

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