Normal Highmaul CLEARED

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Normal Highmaul CLEARED

Post by Khan on Thu Jan 22 2015, 00:12

The ancient Gorean Empire, unquestioned lords of Draenor for millennia and forced ally to the Iron horde have been brought low. The arcane might of the Goreans were taken from the buried artifacts of (presumably) the titans that the Ogres found and hoarded.
While powerful, the Iron Horde grew so fast and so powerful, the Ogre empire found themselves with a choice: Ally with the Iron Horde, or be Crushed beneith it. So ally they did, but friends of the Orcs they are not. Just biding their time....

Khadgar realised however, that not only you needed the power from the Gorean empire to fight Gul'dan, but also to bring down the Ogres of Nagrand, the Iron horde would lose a strong ally in the arcane arts.

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