The flow of information in eXodus.

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The flow of information in eXodus.

Post by Bust3d88 on Thu Nov 14 2013, 01:08

The model for the information flow i we in mind is as follows:

Member X has a problem / critisizm / feedback etc.

He approaches any officer or GM with the case, either through whispers, VT, Skype etc.

Sends a PM containing his point of wiev and the necessary information to that officer or GM.

The officer or GM talks to the rest of the officer team, and makes a post about it in the officer section of the forum.

After discussing the issue at hand, the officers decide a course of action, and posts a public thread about it.

This is as basic as i can explain how it is going to work.
And i realize that not all issues etc can be dealt with following this model to the letter.
But the fact still is, if any member of exodus wants their voice heard, they will have to use the proper channels described above.
We officers are only human, we can forget things. Getting a written PM about it, ensures that the officers will get the information, and act accordingly. Keep in mind, that we officers need time to sort things out, most things cant be sorted out straight away.

There's also another announcement i would like to make, wich relates strongly to this matter.
The officer team will from here on out have a meeting @ 18:00 every sunday.
This will ensure the flow of information between the officers as best we can, and thus minimizing the risk of any information loosing its way to the members of the guild.

The above is pretty much set in stone.
The leadership team, has agreed that this is the best way to manage information overall.

/Wildcard & The Officer Team.

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