Siegemaster Blackfuse blew up

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Siegemaster Blackfuse blew up

Post by Khan on Sun Nov 10 2013, 13:03

As the team cleared Orgimmars less.... reputable areas like a horde of drugcrazed goblins chased by (or perhaps chasing) the hounds of Hell, Siegemaster Blackfuse lay in wait at the end after having left traps at the gates.

The siegemaster (who were a two year running winner of most consecutive explosions back on Kezan) equipped himself with a tricked out and improved shredder (including detachable sawblades, healing beam, drillbombs and the option for more lazors).

In the end, he fell to his own firepower, as 78 % of all goblins eventually do. He died doing what he loved so this was a good death.

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