Raiding rules

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Raiding rules

Post by Khan on Sun May 26 2013, 11:30

For everyones benefit as well as more efficient raids (and thereby progress) the officer team have set up a few rules, they are as follows.

Sign up It is very helpful if you take the time to click accept on the calender (usually by the minimap). Decline if you can't make it. Accept if you can. Until raid starts you can change it if your situation changes. Please do not sign Tenative if you really really can avoid it. For one, it is lazy as it is basically saying "I might join the raid", second only accepted gets in when I press auto-invite.

On time, 5-10 minutes before raid. Having up to 9 raiders waiting for the 10th to log on, finish that daily or LFRaid or getting something from AH wastes everyones time. Delays of this type grows since everyone "learns" that raid really starts 30 min later.

Repaired, reforged, gemmed and enchanted gear. This needs no explanation.

Bringing the flasks they can use by spec. 10 flasks of the type you will use (both specs if it reasonably might be called for you to preform your alternative role). This is the base minimum we feel. With 10 flasks at all times, you can forget once without it becoming a problem.

When instructed to do something, indicate you heard and understood. If I as raidleader ask X : "I want to you interrupt the boss." write in the raidchannel what you heard. Might seem like a small deal to you but a "will do" or "Ill interrupt boss" (<-- best reply) will do wonders and I know you heard me and understood what to do.

A stack of the buff food of your main spec We cannot always drop a full table just for one or two who died or missed to eat it. 275 stat of choice or 300 if you use the real good stuff, matter. Double so for pandas.

After wipe, run in / be ressed, eat food, buff your buffs and step away from the food table. This will show you are ready even without me spamming a readycheck. I am always. ALWAYS running in and rebuffing and eating before everyone else. Every time. Seriously. Prep up. step off the table and by that show you are ready. Maybe we will do a short talk on what to improve on and even then there is no reason to not buff the 1 hour buffs and foodbuffs and stand ready. 3-5 minutes gained per pull. Seriously. This does frustrate me and needs to be fixed for my sanity. Mad

Donating panda dish to the store room tab. Simple reason, so we raidleaders can keep track of how many tables we got and so that we wont drop two at once wasting them. If you plan to use yours in the raids anyway, look good by giving it over Smile

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Re: Raiding rules

Post by Bust3d88 on Thu Nov 21 2013, 17:38

What we require from _YOU_ as a raider.

The bare bones:
Read the rules & announcements forum section.
Signup on the calendar, to clearly show if you are available at any given raid date.
Show up 5min early for raids, gemmed and enchanted.
Bring flasks & buffs relevant to your MS & even OS if its viable for use.
Have a thorough understanding of the upcoming bossfights for the evening.
Be able to stay for the entire raid duration. (19:00 -23.00)
Pay attention to what the RL, officers and other raid members say.

Things you can do to make the RL's life easier, and otherwise impress them:
Never use the tentative signup for the calendar.
Show up 15min before raids.
Announce on VT when you use raidwide CD's. (Healing Tide, Devoution aura etc.)
Show exceptional skill in your class, be it DPS, Healing or Tanking.
Bring some backup food tables, and offer to place them.
Donate usefull materials to the G bank.

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