Guildranks and info about them

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Guildranks and info about them

Post by Khan on Sat May 25 2013, 23:32

Everyone can view and deposit in the top 5 tabs. Depositing in the 5th (Store room) counts as donated to the guild (only officers may withdraw). Anyone can deposit gold but noone can withdraw money (unless for repairs). Every rank besides New can ginvite.
As everyone know, take what you want to use from the gbank (especially the top two) but we ask that you take them to USE not to vendor or sell. You can read the info tab in gbank ingame for more information.

Somone invited you to the guild, until an officer moves you to a better place this is where you end up.
No gulidrepair. No gbank withdraws. Cannot ginvite others.

You dont really do much with the guild, nothing bad, but also not much good either. Quiet, here for the perks.
0 gold repair
5 stacks in the first tab.

You try to be active in the guild, talking in gchannel, joining 5mans, using your tradeskills to help your fellow (wo)man out.
50 gold repair
5 stacks in the top tab.
5 stacks in the second tab
2 stacks in the third tab
Can make or remove calender events.

Junior raider
Newly ginvited to raids. Not quite tested yet with the group. If you ever wanna leave this rank and move up, keep your gear and preformance up.
No guildrepair. No gbank withdraws. No rights besides gchat. Mass invites for raids start on this rank.

Raiders who proven themselves in raids and been active long enough to warrant this trust.
200 gold repair
5 stacks in the top tab
5 stacks in the second tab
3 stacks in the third tab
3 stacks in the fouth tab
Can see but not change officer note. Can change public note. Can create and remove guild events in the calender.

200 gold repair
100 stacks in the top, second, third and fourth tab.
10 stacks in the fifth tab.
Can promote and demote ranks as well as gkick. Can see and edit officer notes. Can create and remove calender events. Can modify guild info and message of the day.

Officer (Khan)
200 gold repair
unlimited gbank, else like Officer.

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